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I remember very clearly the CDC saying in April 2021 that 20 million had gotten the vax and half hadn't come back for their second shot.

I also remember Peter McCullough saying over the summer that people had stopped coming in for the shots in April. He said demand had fallen off a cliff.

The Census Bureau, which surveyed 69,000 households in December 2021, found roughly half of American adults had gotten at least one shot by then.

So the elderly and sick got the vaxxes in January thru early April from their doctors. And health care workers were offered the shots early at work. Only the most obsessed of younger Covid worriers came in early for those shots.

It's when the college and employer vax mandates came along in late July/early August that young people started marching in for shots. And we can see in the life insurance claims data that late July/early August is when excess mortality for working-age people surged. So I would expect the birth rate to start falling in the U.S. in April 2022.

And, so far, that's what I see in your very helpful chart.

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There are two 'MY' abbreviations listed.

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Nice! I looked for that data and couldn't find.

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The negative figures in April column and the trending for almost all rows is stunning. It would be of help to see variations from five years prior to 2020, range and median cf the 2022 progression. But really what is, is and whatever the following months and years show the deed has already been done. Alt media is the only means we even know about what is really happening. Thank you for contributing to that.

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